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Liner Notes „Songs for Horns“

Nothing but songs for horns?

Well almost, the FUN HORNS are wind players playing horns, but they´re not teasing their audiences, rather they´re sharing the joy and richness of their world of sound. Without any tricks or trap doors there´s the natural sound of horns - like on stage - and then, there are sounds from a high-tech studio, where the click of a mouse can transform four horns into twenty or unite them with strings and percussion.

These are only two sides of the FUN HORNS, it´s like the "A" and "B" sides of an old vinyl record. At times their music is caribbean or oriental, avantgarde or classical, sorrowful or dance-like, melodic or mimimalistic, jazz and then it´s folk music. None of their previous records has made a such a virtue of their musical variety like "Songs for Horns".

Nothing is predictable. No sound, no groove is repeated too often. Different moods come up again and again and it´s never boring! Surprises are guaranteed - for the musicians as well - The ability to spontaneously create an arrangement is one of the FUN HORN´S specialities.

Every one of the quartet´s concerts is a unique celebration and it is this quality that characterizes the "A" side of this CD.

The "B" side is devoted to sophisticated pieces, that have been composed with careful attention to detail. Of the fourteen songs on "Songs for Horns", every single song is like a pearl. Typically pearls are singular and unalterable, but it´s not until they´ve been meticulously selected and gingerly arranged on a string that they become a work of art.

Horns are marvellous, especially those of Volker Schlott, Falk Breitkreuz, Rainer Brennecke and Jörg Huke.

The FUN HORNS, is a band name that has kept it´s promise since 1986 and is still doing so today!

Ulf Drechsel (August 2001)