The Fun Horns are performing within the top class of modern European jazz and for a young German band this is by no means typical.

Frankfurter Rundschau

The Fun Horns are celebrating here (Frankfurt) their unfettered musical humour with the superior academic virtuosity of masters.

Pirmasenser Zeitung

What is more amazing, the technical perfection, the musical expression, the seemingly endless improvisational ability of each musician or simply this young ensemble´s pure physical energy? As long as there are creative bands like the Fun Horns contemporary music will not stand still!

Wiesbadener Tageblatt

They don´t need pulsating and glaring spotlights or the raging and roaring drums and least of all, deafening and tear blinding amplification. Instead they offer pure enjoyment, with accomplished musicianship and an ever so subtle, yet inescapable humour. Real humour that serves the fine art of music! Bravo! Bravissimo! . . . - Please - come again . . . !

Argentinisches Tageblatt Buenos Aires

The Fun Horns - a decisive breakthough in positive public resonance and with every success it´s barely the tip of the iceberg. There´s not a trace of aloofness. Breath taking music that in the best sense doesn´t require the little jokes to be fun! - the Fun Horns.

Dr. Bert Noglik

Thanks to technical perfection, spontaneous musical expression and in the apparently limitless ability of the Fun Horns, we witnessed the creation of a new form of universal music.

Le Martin du Sahara

The Fun Horns, whose members were never without humour, have shown an overwhelming vitality in their creative pursuit of original sounds.

Al Bayane

....and now they are reaching to the stars with content and style. "Der Mond ist Aufgegangen" (The Moon has Risen) is a fantastic production... The quartet´s music brings about an inner phosphorescence, just as the moon appears to radiate itself while reflecting the sun´s light . What more could you want from a recording?